Accents in SMS on iPhone

If you wonder why your message length limit is truncated while are you texting from 160 characters to as little as 70 then keep on reading.
If you wonder if you can use all the 160 characters then keep on reading.
if your olny solution is to turn autocorrection functions off just to forget accents while texting then… yes, you're right, keep on reading HappyPrzeczytaj więcej (read more)...

Java, https and self signed certificate problems on mac os x

Sometimes you must work with self signed certificate on your mac.
It's no problem if all you need is Safari (or any other browser). Just accept this cert and you are almost happy.

Having an application written in java and setting resource's url available only via https… it's quite another story.
The problem is that java declines such connections and does not provide any confirmation dialog or so. It's just not secure and that's enough do close it.
Moreover, because java uses it's own keystore, it doesn't help if you accept it in Safari.

So, at the end you will get Exception like this: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
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